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1983 Ford Ranger

I purchased a Ford Ranger 1983 and wondered what I can do to make it a real charm.

It has new tires, new timing belt, new distributor cap, new coils, and new muffler.

What else can I do to it?

It also only has 71,000 miles on it, which is cool.

Change the drive train fluids. Make sure the coolant was changed. 71k is pretty low mileage for that age. It’s a nice find too. They’re too big now due to sissies bloating them. Is this a 4 cylinder?

Whatever happens, this is a good chassis. It’s simple enough to be managed even with some fatigue items. No sophisticated electronics …which aren’t bad for engine management, but otherwise can be a pain.

Yeah the mileage is low due to being a farm truck and never going more than 2miles a day, It’s in great condition, no rust, truck bed is tar lined, it is a 4 cylinder.

If it has an automatic transmission, be sure the change the fluid by draining it and removing the pan to clean the filter. Don’t do a “flush” I would also replace the brake fluid. If manual transmission, I would consider changing it out as well.