Ford ranger squeals when shifting... Sometimes

My 99 5-speed Ranger sometimes makes a loud squeal when shifting up. Sounds like a belt slipping. It’s intermittent and annoying, and has been there forever. The truck has less than 50k on it. Seems like it does this most when upshifting from 2 to 3, and never from 1 to 2 or 4 to 5.

Has the lever become sloppy? Some of the 5 speeds had a problem with the lever bushing wearing and causing shifting problems.

No. There are no shifting problem, only the sound of a belt slipping (a high-pitched squeal). This truck has almost no miles on it, but it IS almost 12 years old, and might need belt replacement, but why would a belt slip when shifting?

If the truck was driven in town the shift lever might have more wear than a truck with 200,000 miles. If worn, the shift lever can drag the syncro hub for 1st or OD as you attempt to shift to 3d.

Also. you might search Mazda 5 speed for some advice.

Check the bearings in the idler pulley also. They may be worn out.

Truck has to go into the shop for a new fuel filler assembly (rusted out) once the part comes in next week. I’ll have these suggestions checked out. I like the idler pulley suggestion.

Amazing! The law of mechanical intimidation strikes again! (if you threaten to tinker with a mechanical thing out loud, or in public, it will repair itself.) Since I posted this, it hasn’t made any noise, not even once.

That’s funny. But you just jinxed it. So when it comes back post again & its sure to go away.