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Ford ranger drive shaft rotation

Ranger purchased new, 18mi

test drive max speed 40

drive home 60+ steering wheel vibration and shacking and pulled to the left Tires had defects (per dealer) they where replaced by dealer off another new truck-wheeels (rims tire)no alignment still steering wheel vibration as confirmed by their mechanic on test drive with me

now service advises tires are good but needed to rotate drive shaft 180 degrees

some additional insight and later I will have repair invoice warranty work ford did rent me a car for two days

the auto was purchased 6/27/10 distance from the dealer is a factor in service as is the wait for a ford engineer to authorize suggested repair --upgraded tires NO

Please stay with your original post.

Assuming you have any sort of warranty, return the truck for a refund. Fifteen miles? Are you kidding? It should be perfect.

Not only adding another post to the same complaint, but now you have added additional info about pulling and steeing wheel shaking. This completely skews any advice that was previously given. Consider my comments on the other thread null and void.

I had an additional thought on the driveshaft.

What if turning the driveshaft 180? is sort of diagnostic to test for proper centering? - and if that works, stick with it.

Oh and the tires? Probably sat on the dealers lot and flat spotted. Don’t be surprised if the current set does the same thing. It’s been at the dealers for over a month!

And just for those with a statistical bent: According to JD Powers, in the first year of ownership, the average car has about 1 problem per vehicle. In this case, while we haven’t gone very far, we have 2. So somewhere out there is a new vehicle without a problem.