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2011 Subaru Forester steering vibration

I have a 2011 Subaru Forester with 57,000 miles and having trouble with vibration on the steering wheel. The dealer replaced the drive shaft, however, the problem started again within a few weeks. I can go days without it happening. The dealer has suggested that I bring the car in and they will have someone drive it for a few days and give me a loner. Suppose it doesn’t happen while they have the car, what should I do. Thank you for your help.

Has a tire problem been ruled-out?

57k miles is a good amount. 8yrs too. so i would say not original tires? how old are current tires? typical route is balance tires. rotate tires. change tires. change driveshaft. you did change driveshaft and it rode perfect after that?

I think a tire problem is ruled out because it isn’t in the 50 mph to 70 moh range - AND - it comes and goes.

New tires last year.

probably a bad tire. vs a driveline issue. i replaced my driveshaft and i think i have a vibration now. but it is 2 piece so it could have been assembled wrong. by me. its possible your driveshaft is not perfectly balanced? its new but nothing is perfect.