2012 Ford Ranger - Vibrates

What would be wrong with my Ford Ranger. In the past I would drive and cruise at 140, 150 kms per hour comfortably. Just starting from a week ago, I noticed that as I get close to 100 kms per hour the vehicle starts vibrating. Even if I try to accelerate, the car still moves around 100 kms per hour or just over that.

On a nine year old vehicle too many possible problems.
We can’t examine your truck online. You need to take it into a reputable mechanic.
Prime Suspects:
Balance weight on rim fell off
Bent wheels
Drive shaft joints

sounds like at around 60 MPH you are having a wheel balance issue or even possibly a warped rotor. As this is a ford, it could also be the famed ‘death wabble’ although that is more common with the F250 series and not in a ranger. I would take this truck and get the all 4 tires rotated and balanced.

the death wobble* has a unique fix to each vehicle that gets it. as purebred mentioned, you could also have a bent wheel, bad shock/strut, drive shaft, etc.