Ford ranger clutch pedal too hard

95 ford ranger clutch pedal very hard when hot. Will not engage clutch. Ok after setting for 1 hour.

So when this happens, the clutch is always disengaged? (i.e. cannot drive)

If so, you have a clutch master cylinder problem. The primary cup of the master cylinder is not uncovering the release hole. This could be because there is not enough free play in the push rod which is holding the master cylinder partially down. It also could be that the primary cup has swelled because of fluid contaminated with mineral oil (engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, etc.)

A way to verify that the clutch fluid is getting trapped, is to crack the line from the master cylinder; the line to the slave cylinder; or the slave cylinder bleed screw. tighten or close when fluid stops squirting out. If the clutch now engages and the pedal is as usual, then you have fluid trapped in the system.

Hope this helps.