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Ford Ranger clutch problem

I have an intermittent clutch problem that started after letting the truck sit for a month of so. I only drive it as needed.

The clutch does 1 of 3 things.

1. Works fine but seems a bit soft.

2. Waits several seconds before letting the clutch slam into the flywheel after releasing the pedal.

3. The pedal is too stiff to depress.

It can go through all 3 options in a few seconds but when it starts working that lasts longer.

Mr. Or Ms. Fish Dog Breath, What Model-Year Is This Ranger ?


Sounds like maybe your master cylinder is binding up.

Or the hydraulic throwout bearing.

This is a 95 Ranger XL. It has 253,000 miles on it. I think the first clutch was replaced about 100,000 miles ago. We replaced the clutch and the slave cylinder at that time. I can’t remember if we did the main or not but probably.

Shouldn’t the fluid level be dropping? I checked it and it seems fine.

About 18 months ago I was backing a big round bale of hay into a tight area and I slipped the clutch so bad the pedal got spongy but the next time I drove it the clutch was fine.

Yup, which you have to drop the transmission to replace. May as well plan on doing the whole clutch while it’s apart. No point in doing almost all of the labor twice.