Ford Ranger ABS problem



I have a 2000 ford ranger. When braking, the abs starts working, the pedal drops an inch and breaking power is reduced just before the vehicle stops. The abs light does not illuminate. I replaced front rotors and pads as they were worn out. Rear brakes are good and were cleaned and lubricated. Save me from a hit or miss multiple trip wallet sucking visit to the dealer.


There is an ABS switch connected to the brake pedal lever. If it is not correctly adjusted, what you describe can happen. (Incorrectly adjusted in the other direction will cause the pedal to rise and braking force to be lost.) I am assuming here that your ABS is only activating when it should, but when it does activate you have this problem.
The factory service manual shows how to adjust the switch. It is easy. I’ve done it before, but I don’t remember exactly what I did.


Thanks. I will check it today. It is activating every time I press the break pedal. I thought at first it might be rear speed sensors but they seem fine and no ABS lights are coming on