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2000 Ford Ranger - Clicking sound when braking

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger/4WD/3.0 Liter and over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a clicking sound when I brake. The sound seems to come from either the engine compartment or from the driver’s side front wheel. The clicking does not vary with the speed that I’m going and if I had to guess I am hearing about 5-10 clicks a second. The sound only occurs when I first touch the brakes and not when I put more pressure on the pedal like when I come to a complete stop.

I have not had a brake inspection yet but I did take the tire off and do a simple look. The rotors look good and the pads look like they’ve got a lot of life left in them. I checked my brake fluid levels and the fluid looks fairly clean and the level is good.

Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.


You might be hearing one of the ABS pump solenoids. Try this, at the left rear of the engine compartment, you’ll find the battery junction box. Remove the #3, 50 amp fuse. This is the fuse for the ABS pump/motor. Now test drive the vehicle. If the noise is gone, that’s what you’re hearing.


Thanks Tester.

I took a look and the #3 spot is vacant. I also saw that the #7 mini fuse slot was vacant as well.

I went back and read the original documentation for the truck and it states that I don’t have 4wheel ABS, only rear wheel so I’m guessing that’s why?

Thanks again for the suggestion, do you have any others?