Ford Ranger ABS light

Recently the ABS light came on (truck does not have ABS), also speedometer quit working and trans was not shifting right. After a few minutes the problem went away. Any suggestions?

What year model is the Ranger?

And rear ABS was common, if not standard equipment on Rangers for many years and the vehicle speed sensor is the most likely cause of your problem. It could be as simple as a wire knocked loose by road debris or mud.

Model year
Transmission type

Why are you so sure you don’t have ABS?
Rangers have had ABS for a LONG time

ABS aside, the problem may be the speed sensor in the transmission case

If there’s an ABS light to even COME on …it has ABS.
Probably just in the rear axle housing and that signal IS the speedomoeter and all relative transmission functions.
( if the transmission doesn’t know how fast its going , it can’t know it’s time to shift. )

How about a YEAR ??? of the ranger D-man ?
could be sensor…plug… or wires.

Unless your Ranger was made during the Last Supper, you do have an ABS system. But seriously, check the ABS sensor located around your rear differential.