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2000 ford ranger, no shift, no speedometer, ABS light on

My 2000 Ford Ranger, 4cyl. auto, 55k miles, has a problem. Just out of the blue yesterday, I get in the truck to go and it won’t shift out of 1st gear, the speedometer stays on zero, and the ABS light stays on. I have checked fuses, fluids and the basics. This truck has beed babied and I’m the only driver. Any ideas?

Thanks, miprobs

The first thing that I would suspect is a defective Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)!

Thanks for the response. Do you think the VSS is also responsible for the ABS light? This all happened the same time. Also, would you know the location of the VSS on this vehicle? Thanks, miprobs

The VSS should be attached to the side of the transmission, near the tail. Check the codes for the computer. There should be a code P0500 for a VSS malfunction. If the CEL doesn’t light for a second as a self-test at start-up, the bulb may be blown.

On many Fords the VSS is indeed on the side of the transmission, but I “think” on your 2000 Ranger you will find the VSS is plugged into the top of the rear differential.

Definetly sounds like a bad VSS.

Yes, mine was in the rear end, just above the fill plug. I obtained a new one at the local auto zone store ($20) and now, everything is golden. Thanks again, miprobs.

I’m glad that I was able to help, and that the fix was as cheap as I had suspected it would be.

I am driving a 2000 Ranger, and had the same problem. Your advice was perfect. You saved us a lot of money. Thanks so much.