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Ford pickup intermittently wil not start

My boss’s little Ford pickup will occassionaly not start. The starter turns but it sounds as though it is not getting any fuel. Thsi has been a probelm over the past 9 months and does not appear to be a temperature issue. It may run with out this probelm for several weeks but then it may happen hafter only a few days. The frequency has increased in the last couple of months.

There is no pattern yet to when it will decide to re-start. Sometimes it will start a few hours later, sometimes a few days. No apparent pattern to when it won’t start. Sometimes when after sitting a few hours, other time after sitting several hours. He has had the fuel filter changed.

Any ideas?

Model, year, mileage, any one’s opinion that has looked at it? You are not giving us much to work with.

Next time, listen for the sound of the fuel pump running when you first turn the key to run. It should run a few seconds and stop. If you don’t hear it when the truck refuses to start, then your fuel pump is going bad.

94, Ford Ranger, 230K miles -no one has looked at it yet other than the guy who put in the new fuel filter and the thgouth that might do the trick - No luck. Thanks!

Thanks for the advice. Can you tell me where the pump is on this truck so we will know where to listen?

In the gas tank.

Does it help to put a little pressure on the accel pedal?

With so many miles, there are a lot of things that need changing due to age. The computer may be getting the wrong temperature reading. It may have the fuel mixture all wrong because of that. I would want to check the distributor rotor too. I put a wrong one in once and it wasn’t touching the center electrode in the distributor. No telling what the cause is now.