1994 Ford Ranger won't start periodically

I have a 1994 Ford Ranger with 155,000 miles. Over the past year it has randomly not started. When it won’t start, it won’t start for a few days to a few weeks and then out of nowhere will fire right up and run for a few days or a few weeks before going through the “not starting” phase again. When it won’t start, it seems to be a fuel problem. It will crank and sound like it is going to start, but just won’t make that final fire. I do have an issue with the fuel tank neck, because when I fill it up, I will see about a pint of gas pour out from the neck of the fuel tank on to the ground. (just in case that helps the diagnosis at all) I am not real saavy with cars, so any help you can provide would be great! BTW - When it won’t start, I do not hear the fuel pump whine and the fuse hasn’t blown. Thanks in advance, I truly appreciate your help.

Switch out the fuel pump relay. If you are lucky, it might exchange with the horn relay. If you are really lucky, that might fix it. The fact that you don’t hear the fuel pump when it won’t start and you do when it does really narrows things down. If it is not the electrical supply to the pump, your pump might be gone.

Have you changed the fuel filter lately. If the filler neck is corroded, you might have all sort of crap in the tank clogging your filter. That can take out a pump.

Could be the fuel pump or the pump relay. If you check the stored computer codes and get a code 542, you have a bad relay. If no code … bad pump.