Ford Parts Availability

My 1982 Ford Granada needs exhaust work. My mechanic says the pipe between the CC and the muffler will be hard to find. Does anyone know of a place in northern New Jersey that specializes in parts for vintage cars?

Just find an exhaust shop with a pipe bender. It is a simple job with that tool.

Even if a shop specializes in vintage cars, they likely won’t have anything for this seriously un-loved Ford product.


If we can’t mention Harbor Freight, I suppose we can’t mention Rockauto as being a fairly complete online source for car parts. After that a pipe bender, that’s why they all stock a bunch of straight pipes ready to be bent to order.

I collect vintage cars, an 82 Granada isn’t one. It’s junk, and parts might be found in a junk yard.

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I don’t know about that. You might not see a 1982 Ford Granada as “valuable” or “collectible” but it’s certainly a vintage car, and here in Arizona would be considered a “historic vehicle”. If it’s in good condition, it is certainly worth keeping around, because if you think about it, the models which have the most historic significance are the models which regular people owned, in large numbers.

It is unlikely that a car this old will be found in a junkyard. Anyone who owned one, and viewed it just as a disposable appliance would have junked it many years ago. Anyone who owns one, and views it as a vintage car isn’t likely to get rid of it, unless it is in an accident, which is not very likely at this point. I wouldn’t look for used exhaust parts anyways. Even in a region where rust is not a problem, exhaust pipes and mufflers will still rust out from use. Go to a shop which specializes is exhaust work–they can manufacture the necessary parts in-house.

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The Granada was junk when new.


Midas, Meineke, Penn Muffler and Brake, etc

Just look up exhaust shops around your area. As Mustangman said, they don’t need to stock parts, they make them to fit on the spot. Going to a mechanic for exhaust work is like going to a surgeon for a routine checkup…

Heh heh. To me now, an 82 is almost late model but a 49 Ford just barely vintage.

Just another story. In the late 70’s or early 80, we had an elderly lady as a baby sitter and she drove a 61 Fairlane or the Merc version, can’t remember. She hit a tree and was all upset and insurance wanted her to junk the car and would pay her $250 for it. So I said I’d fix it for her. I needed a fender, grill, and bumper. I looked all over and all the cars of that vintage had long ago been ground up. Finally I went to on junk yard in town where a legally blind guy worked that I knew from child hood. He said oh yeah way back by the trees by the creek there’s one sitting there. Sure enough, I paid $25 for the parts. She stiffed me but not the first time. Waited until I had waxed and polished the whole thing though.