1984 Oldsmobile Regency - Help - I need to play Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Lookn for an original cassette player for my oldsmobile regency 98

I wish you well in your quest. EBay motors may be your only hope for a cassette player for this 37 year old car.


As Mustangman suggested, I checked eBay on your behalf and there’s nothing that will fit. A local salvage yard might be able to track down something if they do a national search.

I don’t know what your plan is, and it’s not my business. But I feel compelled to say that even if you could find a true “vintage” OEM cassette tape deck… it’s likely not going to work. Or be in poor shape. I’m not sure if it’s worth the time, money, and effort to locate such a relic.

If you just have to have a tape deck… I think there are still a few new cassette tape decks for sale out there. Check Crutchfield.

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Yeah, that’s my thought, just find a deck that will work.

My local pick-a-part has at least a half dozen 1980’s GM vehicles that may have a factory radio, if you live in an area that vehicles last a long time, you need to go out and search the yards for your parts.

Don’t expect a salvage yard to perform a nation wide search for a $20 part, there isn’t enough mark-up involve to inquire and ship a broken radio.

While viewing the vehicles at the pick-a-part online I spotted something shocking, a rare Pontiac. @Mustangman and @FoDaddy should recognize this car but I don’t think the Pontiac owners will.

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Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe from 1986?? Wow! Rare!

Motor Trend article says 1225 were built.

Was the big slope back rear window still intact? The rear glass and that nose and the trunk lid are the rarest pieces on that model.

Grand Prix 2+2, one year only production (1986), NASCAR homologation special. Quite rare, I’ve only seen two in person. I always wondered why GM never put the 350 in the 80’s G-bodies from the factory. At the local Cars & Coffee about half of the G-bodies that show up are LS-swapped or LT1-swapped.

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I didn’t see the car in person, the salvage yard has a picture of each car on their web site.

They have a large holding lot for new arrivals, I have seen some old Mustangs and classics kept back there out of reach from the customers, that is where this Grand Prix should be. The price for the back glass is $27.50 for cars in the yard.

French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP) up north of Minneapolis specializes in old old cars. They don’t crush them like most junk yards. You are probably going to have to have the actual option code though since I think there were probably several sound options available.

I have one! I have a cassette adaptor that lets me play MP3s.

If the radio in question is in fact “broken” I doubt it would meet the OP’s needs anyway. But if he can find one for $20 that would be a bargain. Folks on eBay want $200 and up, $750 for the CD version.

I am not optimistic about a salvage yard radio, they cost $22 at this pick-a-part. I believe the guarantee is that if it doesn’t work you will get more exercise searching the yard for another radio.

For $200 I would expect a refurbished radio.

I’ve found a refurbished unit for $280 with a 1yr warranty,

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That’s a good option. The OP could also check with M&R about sending in their unit for repair.

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That waq going to be my other suggestion, there may be other similar services out there.