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Car repair for a birthday present (?) (!)

My husband has a 1980 propane-powered Granada that runs well now, after some work. The repair that is still needed is the taillight- it lights up but the housing (red plastic part) is broken. He can’t find a replacement, since the model was only made for two years, long ago. Is there ANY way to find such a piece? I have thought that I might have to buy a whole car to serve as spare parts- if anyone has such a car anywhere! I think that another car that is similar is the Monarch.

Any ideas out there to help me? I have until the summer to find a piece and use it for his birthday present!


Try this link. It appears Sunman has the part with picture:

WOW! Fantastic. I surely came to the right place. Thanks so much. I will followup on this. I should have asked before Valentine’s day! :wink:

Darn I missed valentines day AGAIN!

Oops. In casual probing conversation once my husband got home, I have found out that the car is an 82, not an 80. I looked at Sunman’s website, but I can’t find a search box- how did you find the one you showed me?

You might consider following eBay for these kinds of parts.

Make sure the part is described as being in excellent condition or NOS (New Original Stock).
These tail lamp lenses were prone to disentegrating and it is hard to find good ones.

I think the plastic is a bit thin and the bulbs are located close to the plastic. Over time age and the heat from the bulb does them in and they crumble like a potato chip.

I did Google, 1980 Granada tail light. Do the same on 1982 and see what pops up.

Try these guys. Driver side whole assembly with picture. A bit pricey:

This is a used part, condition description not provided.

Thanks to both of you- OK4450 and jayhawkroy. I really appreciate it.