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Ford/ Lincon Key Fobs

Would like to get (used/cheap) extra remote-clicker key fobs working for my 99 contantal and 95 Merc. Grand Marq. First two I got from wrecking-yard did not “re Program” as Owners Man. said could. Must I get an exact old fob/ anything I’m missing? Batts. Were OK.

New ones aren’t expensive. About $30. However on some models they must be programed by a computer at the dealership. The Do it yourself methods of turning the igntion on and off a half dozen times in a row just doesn’t work. The only recourse in that case is to have the dealership do it. Expect to spend a half hour labor per car.

Your two will reprogram as indicated in the owner’s manual. It is very likely that the remotes you tried were from different generations of the Ford remotes. The remotes have to be from the same generation as your cars. I’m not sure what the exact change over dates are anymore. The safest thing is to get remotes from the same years. (car models can be different)

Thanks for both comments- Lincon orig. for had HIs/Hers" switch in back. Merc ones a bit Hour-glass shaped. Junk yard two look like 99 lincon with out “his Hers” back Switch.

Your owner manuals should have programming procedures. Some people at will have the answer on the generation of remotes needed for the Grandma rquis and maybe for the Conti. INternet sites that sell remotes also have a lot of information.