Ford Freestar 2005 4.2l - annoying beep sound

We have controlled beeping sound coming from behind the dash board that last about 2 seconds does it 5 times and then is silent for about 20 minutes and the starts again.

The only warning light on is the low tire pressure light but the tire pressures are all ok.

Anybody any ideas how to fix the beeping sound and the tire pressure light.


Find out why the TPMS is malfunctioning. If it has sensors in each tire, it could be a dead battery in one of the sensors, don’t forget the spare may have one too.

I believe a 2005 Freestar does not use TPMS sensors in each tire. It uses a system that measures rotational speeds at each wheel. The reset button is on the odometer reset button. I think you have to scroll through the settings and then hold it down once you see “tire reset”. I am not sure if this will fix the beeping but it is sure worth a shot.

Turn the key one click & see if the air bag warning light comes on with the other idiot lights. I’d bet it doesn’t.

FWIW, RockAuto sells them:,carcode,1430707,parttype,12036

My 2000 Explorer also had this beeping problem. Turns out the airbag light in the dash was blown out and would not light up during the key-on self-test. The 5 beeps is supposed to alert you to this. Check whick indicator light doesn’t come on during the self-test period.