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Ford Focus tire folded and shredded

Recently I replaced the calipers and brakes on the front of my car. The other day I was driving and my wheel started shaking and I almost lost control of the vehicle. When I stopped my front left wheel looked like it had been folded and it shredded completely. Everything is still attached. Not sure whats wrong?

Are you talking about the actual wheel or the tire . If tire what kind of shape are the others in and how old are they ?

Any way you can post a photo? Did the wheel come loose?

first thought is that is sounds like your tire went flat while you were driving.

Ya think?


Wheel looks crooked - are all the lug bolts tight?

Looks like the tie rod broke or has become detached. Are you able to steer that wheel?


I’m not sure our speculation is really necessary here. This car needs to be towed to the mechanic, who will be able to answer the question.


Just asking people’s opinions didn’t see any harm in that. I have a mechanic that drives in town to work on my car. Thanks everyone for your input.

It could just be a matter of you getting a flat tire and driving on it without realizing it was flat until the tire was shredded.

It can happen in a vicious cycle one of two ways. A bubble can form under the tread that makes it bounce around until it blows, or (the more likely scenario) is that it was under-inflated, which led to the tire overheating to the point where the air expanded beyond what the tire could handle. Sometimes the latter scenario causes the tire to bulge on the inside toward the car, and since it rubs against the inner fender and suspension components, it shreds the tire.

So it might not be related to your brake work at all.

When was the last time you checked your tire pressure?

Also, I wonder if the OP noticed her TPMS warning light glowing on the instrument panel before the tire shredded, and–if so–how long it took before she pulled over.

Yes he may be correct. I had one break on the freeway. It didn’t shred the tire but it sure scuffed it up as the wheel flopped around.