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Front tire freeway blowout

I was doing 70 on the freeway, and my tire blewout, the rim flew of and the disc was grinded down before I could stop and pull over to the shoulder, when I got of to inspect, the wheels don’t turn now. what could be wrong?

Are you serious?

I don’t know what you mean by “the wheels don’t turn”. Are you actually trying to drive it in this condition? You shouldn’t be, as this car needs to be towed to a mechanic for repairs. Please explain exactly what you’re trying to do here.

What could be wrong? What could be damaged?

lower control arm,
lower ball joint,
tie rod end,
and perhaps a few other miscellaneous things.

This needs to get hauled to a shop. A good in-depth look-see with some disassembly is needed.

I think it it is a troll.

I suspect that oldtimer is correct.

But…just in case that the OP is serious, I have to point out that tire blowouts are extremely rare nowadays, and are almost always the result of running tires with inflation pressure that is too low. The OP should check the pressure in all of the tires–as well as the overall condition of those tires–in addition to having a mechanic do the necessary repairs. That is…if this thread is an honest one…

I have had a couple of blowouts and have never seen the wheel leave the axle. I suspect that, if this post is indeed true, that the wheel came off from a mechanical failure. The tire could have blown when it got sideways.

Dad came upon major highway crash and he was in his motor home. 10 miles later his front tire blew. Called aaa and they put on spare. I went over 1 week later and looked at bad tire on rack on rear and found a huge chunk of metal in tread. About the size of my thumb. At least he had tire warranty/damage plan for his $300 almost new tire.

The OP didn’t have just a blow out, the whole wheel came off! He or she isn’t going anywhere until a tow truck shows up.

I also had a blow out due to some yucks hauling trash in a pickup truck when the tailgate dropped, dumping debris all over the road. I had a tire cut at the edge of the tread going into the sidewall. That debris flew up and cracked the windshield of a little old lady’s Cadillac. The Caddy lady stopped behind me, and then we tried to catch up to the truck that stopped just long enough to throw the tail gate back up and haul tail. We managed to get the license number before they got away. I was doing 65 on a limited-access highway at the time. Only had tire damage, no suspension or rim damage. The tire was about due to be replaced, so I chalked it up to time lost changing the tire.

Tire falls of then somehow blows out, then rides on disc, disk fried warped or whatevered so wheels do not turn? No surprise if real. Rotor hosed at a minimum.

I was driving on the freeway and the jerk in front of me threw something out the window. I couldn’t avoid it and it broke my plastic headlamp lens. I was unable to get his plates, though.

Some bad things are unavoidable.

I strongly suspect OP had the car towed away.

If this story is even legit.

I suspect the OP is getting some perverse pleasure out of this.

Naw. I think he’s long gone. Never to be heard from again.