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Ford Focus - speed control

I recently bought a (used) 2007 Ford Focus SE. Before buying I checked the more critical and safety related functions but forgot to check the Speed Control (Cruise Control). There are buttons on the steering wheel for speed control but I can’t make the Focus hold its speed . So I’m wondering if all Foci have the speed control buttons regardless of whether the option actually is installed or if speed control on my Focus is broken. I would rather not take this matter to the dealership. thanks. Sathyan.

have you read the owners manual about the proper method to turn on, engage and accelerate and coast?

when you turn it on, does the ‘cruise’ light iluminate on the dash. (i don;t know where the light is, but the owners manual would tell you the info.)

Yes, I followed the instructions in the manual. I initially thought I must be doing it wrong.
No, the cruise light does not illuminate but I can see where it is on the dash.

“. So I’m wondering if all Foci have the speed control buttons regardless of whether the option actually is installed…”

I doubt it.

I would figure out what fuse it is on and check it.

I do have cruise in an Escort that sometimes I have to hit the “on” button a couple of times to actually turn the system on.

It sounds like the cruise control is broken. I find this is a pretty common thing on used cars since they’re pretty complicated systems and nobody ever bothers fixing them. Plus nobody ever checks them on a test-drive!

In addition to checking the fuse, I’d also check that your brake lights are working properly, since the brake light switch turns the cruise control off and sometimes non-functioning cruise control is the first clue people get that they’ve been driving around with their brake lights stuck on.

I would also point out that you don’t need to take it to the dealership. Almost any independent mechanic should be able to diagnose this problem just as well as the dealership and it’ll generally cost you less.

Check your third brake light, when the bulb is burned out it disabled the cruise control on my 93 Caprice. Just curious, is the car still under warranty?

Ed B.