2000 Ford Focus Intermittent Cruise Control/Turn Signal Indicator Problem



Dear Click & Clack,

My 2000 Ford Focus has stared exhibiting intermittent and frustrating behavior. Both the Cruise Control and Turn Signal Indicators have working intermittently. They’ll work for a while, then stop working. It’s an issue where they either work or they don’t. That is, I don’t see cases start working and cut off. Either the cruise control engages and works fine or it doesn’t. Same with the turn signal indicators. The one thing I did notice is that both devices started acting up on the same day. Other than than, there’s nothing predictive. I.e. Cruise control works but signal indicators don’t or vise-versa or both work or neither work.

I’ve taken it to my regular dealer and they’ve had no luck diagnosing the problem since the car perversely works just fine when I take it to the shop. I’ve looked up recalls, service bulletins, forum questions, etc., but haven’t found any solution. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could cause this to occur.