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Ford focus door lock problems

How do I open the door when the electric door lock is broken in the locked position?door

Which electric door lock is broken?

If it won’t open with the key go in from another door and release the lock from the inside of the offending door.

Most times when the door lock breaks or jams you can’t remove the door panel inside enough to reach the lock mechanism.

This is when you’ll either need a experienced thief or a locksmith.

Do I get anything for this?

Its not really clear what the problem is - is the actual pin or slider for the door lock broken and somehow hung up by the door panel? Or what?

Here are a couple of things that may or may not fit the problem -
The door should open and unlock if you just open it from the inside.
Use the key from the outside.

I’m assuming that I’m missing something about the problem, so feel free to describe it better.

It is the front passenger side door. The door lock is in the lock position. It will not release with the key, door lock or manualy.
Give me a solution then we will talk compensation.

passenger side front door. Door lock in lock position. Will not unlock with key, either unlock switch or manually. The other door locks do work. pulling the inside door handle will not release the lock either. Oh what to do?

Maybe if you take the door panel off, the link should be stuck somewhere. When you try with the electric switch do you hear a buzz that the motor is trying to open the door.

Can you get the door panel off when the door is shut?
No buzzing from the lock. If you attempt to open the lock too often it will blow the fuse.

I would attempt to get a schematic for the interior of the door (you can try Autozone’s online manuals) or perhaps pull off the opposite door panel to find out what you are likely dealing with.

Then I would take a slim jim and try to get it unlocked that way. (Of course, you could skip the schematic, and just play around in there, but its easier if you know what/where you’re going for).

If you do get the door open, of course, you’ll then need to pull the panel to fix whatever is broken.