Door stuck locked

I have a 2000 Mazda 626. I was attempting to repair the front passenger door lock actuator (a nylon gear was stripped). I seem to have made a mistake in reassembly, because now I can’t open the door either from the inside or out. The interior door panel was not installed when the door was closed, so I can get at the levers and bellcranks of the latch mechanism. But no amount of poking and prodding has gotten the latch to release, even if I disconnect the pushrods and work them manually. I can’t disassemble the latch because the bolts are only accessible when the door is open. Likewise the hinge. Can anyone suggest a way to get the door open, short of the jaws of life?

You may need to take the car to a body shop, or a locksmith. They should have an understanding of how the lock release works and be able to tweak the right lever to unlatch it.

You have access to the rods from the lock mechanism AND the door handle? The lock mechanism usually has two inputs- the power lock solenoid and the manual lock button. These only inhibit the door handle control from unhooking the latch. Be sure both are in the correct position before trying the door handle. If you goofed it up enough that the lock is not disengaging, you’ll have to fish around in there and do it manually. Pull the passenger door panel to see a mirror view of what it should be like. The lock plate usually rocks on a pivot so if you can get it to the right position, it should open. Good luck!

When pulling the rods on the latch hit the door with the palm of your hand and or bump it good with you shoulder. I have noticed when a door is partially disassembled it does not seem to “pop” open.

Make sure the door is unlocked.