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Ford Focus Alternator (2.0 ltr)

Hi there, got a ford focus that’s killed another alternator. Already went through all the possibilities of something else causing damage over time (Ford Focuses have multiple minor electrical issues that cause battery/alternator issues), but no one will do what I ask, so I guess I’m paying for another alternator.
Too broke to even afford it in the first place.
I have shops all over town quoting me all over the place, sometimes the labor is high, sometimes the alternator cost is stupid high because they only uses certain parts.
I’m not looking for a warranty on the work (car’s maybe got 2 more years in her), so that’s narrowed it down to a shop that will do the work with a customer sourced part and has a 20% off work over $200 deal going on.
I just need to know what alternator brand to go with.
I’ve read that refurbished is sketchy.
I’d like one with at least a 1yr warranty.
What are your recommendations?

I have a local shop that will rebuild my alternators for cheaper than the store will sell a rebuilt, and will offer a 1-year warranty. They’ve always lasted longer than the store bought alternators.

beyond that- how did you decide that your alternator is dead? (and has died repeatedly?) What issues are you having?

What kind of Focus do you have? Year, model, electric/hybrid?