Alternator conspiracy?



i’ve got an '02 ford escort with almost 120K miles on it. i’ve had to replace the alternator voltage regulator twice now. i’ve been lucky enough to find a parts dealer that will sell me the regulator without trying to sell me the whole alternator. but some place just wont do it. is there anyone else that has had this problem? is there a wide spread problem with escort alternators that i am unaware of? help.


To get answers you’ll need to supply more info.

Why are you changing the regulators? Are the alternators/regulators (most of which are integral) rebuilt?

Perhaps the alternator/regulators are not rebuilt properly.

What was the reason for changing this in the first place?


What kind of places are you buying the parts from? Many times, it is cheaper for them to stock assemblies as opposed to parts. Often when a specific part goes out, it usually is a result of the other part having problems.

There are lots of reasons why one source stocks only certain parts or assemblies. When that happens, you generally have the option to go elsewhere.


I would get an alternator with a lifetime parts warranty. Autolite makes one. That way you quit paying for failed regulators. I believe the alternator voltage regulator is integral to the alternator, so both are covered under the life parts warranty.


So what are the symptoms and exactly how are you determining the voltage regulator is the problem?


At 120K, a new or rebuilt alternator would be good so you have new bearings and slip ring followers as well as a new regulator. Make sure that your battery is good so it does not precipitate an alternator failure. Clean all battery connections too; both cable ends. With new/ rebuilt, you get a guarantee; with just the regulator, you don’t.


I agree with this posters comments on the battery. You may to consider replacing it as it can cause problems to the charging system if it is bad. If the battery is more than 4 years old I really recommend a new one be installed.