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Ford Focus 2000 starter trouble

My husband and I have replaced the alternator (a chore) and are pretty sure that the starter is bad too from the noises it’s making. We can’t find the starter, we’ve crawled under and over the car with flashlights. How exactly do we find this, and will we need to jack the car up to do this? Even if it’s just the solenoid we’re probably going to replace the entire starter…We’re going to need pretty precise directions, if there’s stuff we need to take off, it would be nice to know how to take it off too. Oh, yeah, and since we don’t have a lot specialized toold, will we need any? Thanks a ton folks!

Depending on the VIN, intake manifold may have to be removed to replace the starter.

You can determine if this is the case with your vehicle here


Just look in your repair manual for the instructions for changing the starter.
To get to the starter, follow the large wire from the battery positive terminal. No special tools needed.
Why you be wanting to change starter for what noise? Is noise like starter solenoid chatter? If is, low voltage do that. Poor wire connection, or corrosion, make low voltage.

Here is someone’s how-to who recently removed one:

There are 2 different engines for this model. The 2.0 ZTEC and the 2.0 SOHC (type P). I have the SOHC. The starter is inconviently tucked away UNDER the intake manifold. According to Haynes manuals, you remove the air intake tube from the air filter to the intake manifold. This allows you access to the 2 top bolts that thread into the starter. After this you go under the car, and reach up blindly and remove the 2 wires to the starter and the last bolt. At that point you can remove the starter. To install, reverse the sequence.