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Ford Focus 03 at 90,000 miles

Hi all,
My Focus Wagon has done 90000 miles and is a bit stiff and graunchy first thing. Not sure if it’s transmission or steering, but maybe a bit of both. It gets better and smoother when warmed up. I know it’s due for a major service but it’s not going to get used much for the next year and I wonder which items in the service you would consider essential a) to keep it running well for the next few years and b) to possibly reduce the symptoms it’s showing before it warms up. Thank you in advance for any advice. KL

Can you be more precise about what “stiff and graunchy” means? I looked in the cartalk dictionary and those words aren’t there. :wink:

I agree with jesmed. I don’t understand what you’re describing. Please try again.

Assuming the major service you describe is listed in your owner’s manual and not something made up by your dealer, then it’s pretty much all essential if you want to keep the car running well. You didn’t tell us what service work actually needs to be done, so it’s hard to say any more than that right now.