Is it safe to drive



What will happen if I don’t fix the following: 1)replace lower arm control pinch bolts (recall), 2)replace both stabilizer links, 3)tighten subframe bolts 4)replace the rack&pinion gear assembly? I have a 2000 Ford Focus wagon with 47000 miles. All of the above were done between 2003 and 2005 to address the symptom of a rubbing knock under the driver’s feet when turning the steering wheel. Now the exact same symptoms have returned and I am loathe to go through all this again and spend a lot of money on this 7-yr.-old car. I really don’t know what these items do except for the rack&pinion so I am wondering what are my risks if I do nothing?


This is all serious stuff, my friend. Most of these could have problems that if unaddressed could cause the car to suddenly go out of control and shoot off to one side.

However these seems like an awfully lot of awfully severe problems for a 7 year old vehicle with 47,000 miles unless they were all through the Australian outback. I’d suggest you go to a reputable indenpendant shop, tell them the whole story, and let them diagnose the source of your noise. Post back and let us know how you made out.


I not surprised on what you have said… I got a 2006 focus with similar issues. vibrations that are not from tires, idle noise like something is spinning inside my engine… I just think is not that good of car.


You don’t fool around with defective steering and front end parts. Some years ago a ball joint went on my car after hittin a large pothole. It tore the A arm and front wheel right off. Luckily this was on a quiet 2 lane highway. I would get a good independent garage to diagnose what is wrong and get it fixed. Don’t skimp!