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Do I need all of theses?

Just got my car back from a routine oil change and I got one of the courtesy calls saying “sir we suggest this maintence done on your vehicle but We just wanted to check with you first.” I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I need all of these in my vehicle with 66,000 miles on it.

-Automatic shift transmission service

-power steer fluid flush

-break fluid exchange with new fluid

-throttle body service

-idle air control service

-air mass control service

-air temprature control service.

My 05 ford escape does run great on the highway for road trips. Espascally when cruise control is on. in the city it does ok too, but when idleing (at a red light or stop sign) the idleing feels “rough” and sluggish. Any suggestions? do i really need all that work listed above??? Thanks for your help.

Yes, I would say all those things might offer some benefit…The last 4 items are usually performed together with a single spray can…They try to make it sound like a major operation…As for the P.S. flush, I would ask if they remove the reservoir and clean the filter screen that hides inside it. If not, I would pass on that…Does the transmission service include changing the filter? If not, pass…

66,000 give or take

Open your owner’s manual. Look at the maintenance schedule. Your car has 66,000 miles on it. What have you not done to it? Compare to the list. Keep track of this stuff yourself so that you can be in charge of what maintenance gets done when. Was this a quickie lube or similar type of corporate chain? These characters are salesmen not mechanics.

The only thing to ignore your manual about is the transmission fluid - every 30K miles your pan should be dropped and filter changed. Do not let any kind of quickie lube or similar corporate chain service your transmission.

You won’t find the last 4 things on the list in your owner’s manual - pure profit makers - in the category of don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

i did that and all it said at the ford website for my escape was oil change, lube joints and rotate tires

1 yes
2 no unless you’re experiencing issues
3 yes
4, 5, 6, 7 no unless you’re experiencing issues

Regarding the issue that you listed, my first step would be to change the plugs and wires.

Finally, if you got your routine oil change from a quick-lube place, ignore what they said, and take it to a real mechanic to solve the rough idle problem.

Well then - I’d trust Ford. (Except for the transmission). Keep in mind however, that that are both time and mileage recommendations. You never gave a year so no one can guess. But deal with time or miles - whichever comes first.

Not knowing what year your Escape is, I’ll echo shadow that about the only things needing done are the transmission and brake fluid changes, as well as spark plugs and wires, maybe even a coolant flush if that hasn’t been done for a while.

I’ll add to shadowfax and bscar:

Try a bottle of Chevron fuel injection cleaner with Techron in a full tank of gas.
I use it once a year.
That might smooth out the idle.
Much cheaper experiment than those shop services 4, 5, 6, 7.