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2007 Ford Focus Sedan

Vehicle has 82,000 miles. It is a good reliable, commuter car with brand new battery. Oil and maintenance done every 5,000 miles.
Sluggish on the interstate though. Has not had new plugs nor new transmission fluid. What should be done at a minimum to give the Focus some zest.

When does the Ford maintenance schedule specify spark plug replacement?
How about the fuel filter and air filter?
If 90k is specified, there is nothing wrong with taking care of these items a few thousand miles early, especially if there are issues with the way that the engine is performing.

Also…does “sluggish” mean that the car doesn’t accelerate as well as it once did on highway entrance ramps?
Or, does it mean that the engine is hesitating?

Additionally…is the Check Engine Light lit up?

You didn’t tell us what type of maintenance has been done every 5k miles, so we have no way of knowing what might be overdue. Refer to the maintenance schedule in your glove box for what is needed, and when it is needed.

I’m assuming it is less zesty now than wen new. If these items below haven’t been done since the car was purchased new, I’d start with those first

  • Replace Spark plugs
  • Replace Engine air filter
  • Check idle speed and base ignition timing
  • Check intake manifold vacuum at idle

It’s always a good idea of course to keep all the routine maintenance suggested in the owners manual up to date. And economically sound. It’s the old stitch in time saves nine thing. Maybe find your owners manual, find a nice warm place with good lighting, a place w/no distractions, and give it a good read.


Do you have your owner’s manual?

Do you have your ford maintenance schedule?

If you don’t, I can post a link

I would look more into a primary input to the computer. Such as a coolant temp sensor for the computer.

If there were a problem with plugs/wires the Check Engine light would be on with a misfire code.

Have someone hook a scanner up and check what the computer see’s as the coolant temp.