Ford F-150 A/C problem



My 2003 Ford F-150 with V-6 and 51,500 miles has developed a water leak on the passenger side floor board. I checked it with a white paper towel and the fluid is clear, no color as you would expect with a radiator coolant leak. The coolant tank level has not decreased either. The A/C evaporator is draining water as it drips on the ground when the A/C is running. Is there a drain in the heater-A/C box that may be clogged? Is there a drain in the blower motor that may be clogged?

I am the only owner and this is a well maintained truck.




For starters, check the drains in the tray below the wipers. They can get easily clogged with leaves and whatnot. If clogged, use some string trimmer line in them.


You might also have to check stuff like this:

There might also be an issue with the drain. Is there a hose or just a hole in the bottom of the case? I have an idea about that, but I have to look some info up.


I have not crawled under the truck to see the drain itself, as it is a 2 wheel drive and i can’t get my XL stomach under the truck with a creeper; nor have i put it up on the lift. I just eyeballed the water dripping from under the truck. It doesn’t seem to be a great amount of water coming out compared to a Chevy pick up. So, i think the drain may be partially clogged. I either have to lose 20 lbs. to get under it or put it up on a lift 2 B sure.