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Ford Explorer liftgate problems

I have a 2002 Ford explorer sport. The liftgate handle no longer works. I took the rear panel off thinking it was one of the rods’ clips were broken off. As it turns out it is the little pivoting bolt that attaches to the handle. It wasn’t broken, but just disconnected from the handle. I reconnected it and it worked for about 6 or 7 opens and then it popped out of the handle again. I reconnected it and this time it only stayed in for 2 opens. What do I do here? Is there a way to buy that little yellow clip that connects the pivot bolt to the handle? Do I have to get this from a dealer or can I get it from an autoparts store? Or, can I just fix it somehow and not have to buy anything? Also, what is it called so I can describe it without a 30 minute story and sounding like a layman?

The dealer has heard it all before and they have diagrams / drawings in the parts department. They open a book and look at the parts group and just pick it out and get it for you. They’ll do anything for money these days. It’s the easiest way and you might want to pick up a new bolt too. You won’t have to do Cheech Marin’s trick on his low rider. (Hasp and padlock.) In this case we’re all laymen but our money is still good.