Ford explorer 2001

will not start or stay running without giving it a little gas.

Make sure the air intake hose is hooked up and there are no broken vacuum lines, like the brake booster line or the PVC line.

runs fine by givingjust a little gas is their an idle adjustment somewhere.

It might be time for that tune up you’ve been meaning to do. Fresh spark plugs and wires, air filter and fuel filter, pvc valve are good. If there is still a problem, look at (well, actually, measure) the voltage and resistance of the tps (throttle position sensor). The resistance, or voltage, should change smoothly as the throttle is moved (key on, engine off).

would iac or oxygen sensor cause this problem vehicle 0nly has 30,000 miles on it cant find any vacum leaks.

Yeah, it could be a bad IAC. The IAC bleeds a small amount of air around the throttle plate to maintain the idle.
If it’s gunked up with carbon cleaning it should solve your problem.
Take a look at
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iac was the problem,took it off cleaned it put it back on runs fine.

I’m glad you RSVP’d. Too few people do. Why did the iac valve foul? Was it from a dirty air filter? Is there a leak in the air intake tube? If the iac valve got fouled, couldn’t the MAF sensor, also, become fouled? Use an MAF Sensor-safe cleaner spray to be sure it’s clean.

there was a build up on the plunger rod cleaned that off gave it a little shot of wd40 and its working fine,for now.

whats the maf sensor,im a diesel guy.

The MAF sits between the air filter housing & the throttle body.

It converts airflow to a voltage. About 1 volt at idle up to around 5 volts at full throttle.
The computer uses this and inputs from other sensors to calculate fuel delivery.

If you dont use a K&N -or other idiotic oiled-air filter you might never need to clean the MAF.

Traded my 95 Taurus at 150K miles & never cleaned the MAF

thanks guys youve been a big help ,appreciate it.

On Fords these are a wear item. I have seen a lot of reports that cleaning them is a temporary fix and a new one will be needed soon. I would guess $60-100. At least they are easy to change.