Power surge at idel

i have a 93 ford escort that power surges only at an idel. have change tps sensor and idel sensor. also have done a timming belt computor and o2 sensor. i have no vacume leakes.

How did you check for vacuum leaks? Did that include a check of the intake manifold itself? By idle sensor I assume you mean idle air control valve/motor? If so, did you put a new gasket on with the new IAC?

Clean the throttle body/throttle plate (use throttle body cleaner). Clean the MAF sensor (use MAF sensor or electronics cleaner).

i used carb cleaner to check for vacume leaks and yes all around intake and all hoses. the maf sensor has been replaced.no i didnt replace the gasket.

So when you said you changed the idle sensor did you mean MAF sensor? The MAF sensor will tell the computer how much air is coming into the intake. The idle air control (IAC) motor/valve sits on top of the throttle body and controls how much air goes in at idle. That is the gasket I was asking about. So it sure would be easier to help if you could clarify exactly what you have done.

i changed the iac and the maf sensors. the iac gasket i did not change. i changed the maf and the iac with a used one

Double check for leaks around the IAC gasket. If necessary just get some karropak sheet gasket and cut a new one.

Also, since it is used, did you test and clean it?

Did you clean the throttle body?

i did clean and test it and no i didnt clean the throttle body there is no leaks there. the car was running fine until the fuel pump went out on it. there is a new pump and relay also