Ford Escort Diesel Battery Location

Hi all,

I’m hoping that the guy with the '86 Escort Diesel reads these boards as I may have found a web page of use to him in his search for the elusive battery.

If you are out there sir, try here:


I’ve checked the link & it works so hopefully somebody over there will be able to tell you where the thing is hiding…

Good luck,

David (Surrey, UK)

Or just follow the big fat wire from the starter. Might be in the trunk or under the back seat.

Some nice person code name Jayfed posted this Sat.

My 1985-1/2 Escort had it’s 1000 amp battery located behind a trunk panel by the LEFT wheel. Here is the link that takes you to the location. It is in the trunk right behind the drivers side rear seat.

That link does not work for me, takes me to google search for dummies! Assuming referenced link means left wheel while looking into the trunk.

The above location is correct:

I thought on the show he said he looked in the trunk and the back seat, and it wasn’t there. Listen to the caller again if you have the podcast of the show. It’s about 7:45 into the show.

If he didn’t remove the panel concealing the battery, then he missed it. He was probably only inches away from the battery, but he couldn’t see it because of the trunk panel.

I had an 84 escort diesel station wagon. Battery was in the way back, driver’s side, behind the plastic. Can’t miss it - monster sized battery to start the diesel.

Just be careful - I was rear-ended and it burst the battery! Battery acid all over the place… Used about a case of Baking Soda to neutralize it.

Looking for the guy with the Escort diesel; my grandpa had one years ago and I loved it, he sold it while I was in Europe and I would like to find another, are you interested in selling it?