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1996 vw jetta obd2 location

I’m going nuts trying to find this location. A dealer rep said, ‘it’s right under the ash tray somewhere.’ The web obd locator site show it as being in the console on the driver’s side. If it’s there, I sure can’t find it. Can anyone help me with this?

The DLC is located behind a panel on the dash, below the heater controls.


Hey, Thanks a lot. I’ll look for it when the car gets home this evening.

Hello again:
Last night I looked and couldn’t find the DLC. On the front panel, there is the radio and right below the radio is the air control dials and right below that are the pushbutton controls (windows, etc) and right below that is the ash tray, then the center console. I pried apart an unused space in the pushbutton controls row but nothing behind it. Any more suggestions? lal