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Escort diesel battery location

This question has come on twice on the show over the years.

My 1985-1/2 Escort had it’s 1000 amp battery located behind a trunk panel by the LEFT wheel.

The car was very dependable for it’s 239,000 miles of use. It’s only quirk which can’t really be counted against it, is that if one would pushed through a snowdrift. Then, if enough snow got pushed into the left side of the engine compartment, the car would not stall then, but it would not start the next time until the snow was cleared out.


Do you have a question?

Are you asking if the battery location may cause some sort of a problem?  

That battery location well tend to do three things.  Add a little weight to the back which should help handling a tiny bit and it will mean they need heavier than normal wires to proved less resistance when starting the car, and finally it means the battery will likely last longer due the less heat and vibration.

Joe, you didn’t listen to today’s (02/28/2009) show. The question to the T&T Bros was, “Where de battery in an Escort Station Wagon diesel.” The Bros don’t know. So, this wasn’t a question. It was an answer for the Bros, and those of a curious mind.

PS, For your answer, your “golden parachute” will be doubled in value. Sorry.

No, I was merely answering the question that had been posed twice on the radio show including today, 2/28.

I was hoping that it would help persons wanting to know where the battery was located. Perhaps I should have posted this note at a different location on the site.

Jayfed, you be fine. My remark was to the responder, Joseph.

You are right and I will be looking for the increase in my golden parachute.  It should now be the size of a hankie.

Maybe you should have posted this under ‘The Show’ instead of ‘Repair and Maintenance’.

One quirk with this sights software is… One would think if you submit a guestion, say while in “The show” discussion that it would actualy default to “the show” discussion, BUT NO, the default is always Repair and maintenence. So unless you remember to change it in the drop down menu it will default to R&M. I have made this mistake more then once. This is most likely why so much stuff ends up in repair and maintenance that does not belong.

The brothers don’t come here. Also some of us have a hard time listening to a whole hour of the show-the humor just really gets old after a while.

That’s not the only quirk by a mile…