Ford Escape won't start


I first noticed a problem when it rained or was damp outside, but occasionally my 2002 escape will not start. It clicks and sounds like it’s trying to start, but dies out. (It reminds me of an old carburetor sound) Eventually, if I race the motor and keep doing that, it will continue to run. The guys at the ford dealership think I’m nuts…


This kind of trouble is usually due a problem with the ignition system. Using a spray bottle with water in it and spraying suspected areas may help find the trouble.


I don’t know a lot about the engine. What areas should I spray?


That is old enough for the plug wires to need replacement. They are sensitive to moisture. Try spraying them with water when things are dry and see if that causes a problem, or just go ahead and replace them. Don’t get the designer wires, get OEM stuff.

As an alternative keep some WD-40 in your car. The next time it happens, turn off the engine and spray the wires with some WD-40 (WD = Water Displacement).