Starting Problems



Strange thing just started happening to my car. Twice since Christmas my car refused to start. It would turn over, but wouldn’t start. The next day, without doing anything the car would start. The only thing in common, was that is wet and muggy weather. That said, my car is park in my carport.Does anyone have any ideas?




The wet weather connection suggests the ignition system as the most likely source of the problem. The next time it happens you could use a spark tester to find out whether you have spark or not.

When it is running you could also mist the ignition system components with water to see if this induces a stumble. Something is probably getting wet, and you need to figure out what it is. If you’re due for ignition system service (e.g. new plugs and wires) you should just go ahead and do it.


How old are your spark plug wires?


Sounds like a wiring problem in the ignition system all right. On days when it won’t start, Check for spark by taking the center wire loose from the distributor, have a friend crank the engine. Hold the wire close to the post, there should be a bright spark jumping from the wire to the post. Do not stand in a puddle when you are doing this, and hold the wire with your right hand as a safety precaution, in case the spark decides to go to ground through you. If there is no spark, find out where the power is going to ground ( a short ) if there is spark, check your plugs, as this may not be weather related, but just a coincidence.