Rain Rain Go Away

why my car dont start when its rain

When the weather is dry, spray the spark plug wires and ignition module with silcone spray to waterproof them.

Or, you might want to replace the spark plug wires if they are more than 6 or 7 years old. If that doesn’t help, then the next step is to replace the distributor cap–assuming that this mystery vehicle has a distributor.

I would NOT us silicone spray. It’s flammable. Not the best thing you want to be spraying around ignition components. My father-in-law believed in this method. The silicone caught fire inside the distributor cap and it melted the cap and damaged the distributor.

Agree w/VDC, except that if you’re going to the trouble of replacing wires, I’d do the cap at the same time. What make/model/year car/truck/?? is this?

Yes, let the spray flammable propellants dissipate before cranking the engine. The silicone grease which remains isn’t flammable. Or, you could use a jar of silicone grease.