2013 Ford Explorer - there ought to be a recall

Panel surrounding front windshield on drivers side flew off while driving on I-10 west just outside of San Antonio. Ford is aware of this happening in years past too, They should issue a recall before lawsuits result.

A recall is only issued when there’s a safety issue.

That would be like issuing a recall because mud flap fell off your vehicle.



Everyone wants a Recall when it involves something they have to pay for out of pocket.
A lawsuit? Really?

About a month ago a Weather Tech window deflector blew off of the passenger side of my Sonoma. Who should I sue? GM for shoddy windows/truck, Weather Tech for shoddy goo, or both of them because it was obviously a conspiracy to cost me money…


But, it was only 7 years old!
Surely the mfr should be held responsible for all problems, for the life of the vehicle.


I feel the same way about the vast majority of class action lawsuits. People never service a transmission and when it fails it ends up as part of a lawsuit.
The logic (or lack of…) part of things they will say “Well, the car maker settled it so that means they were guilty”.

No. It means the car maker does not want to appear in front of a mechanically clueless judge and have 12 equally clueless people decide their fate. The jury will look at it as that poor soul deserves a 100 million dollars for their failed transmission.
It’s strictly a business decision on the part of the car manufacturer and I can’t say that I’ve ever heard anyone suggest a lawsuit over a piece of trim.

This doesn’t affect safety in any way, shape or form

your windshield is glued in place

That trim piece flying off isn’t going to affect the integrity of the vehicle or the windshield

it’s the same as if an exterior door moulding fell off . . . wouldn’t affect safety, either