Ford Escape Weird Tire Pulsing Noise



I have a 2002 Ford Escape with 85K. There used to be a squeak every time I go over a hump, dip, or uneven road conditions that came from the tire area in the front driver side. Ford said absolutely nothing was wrong as they claimed they could not regenerate the squeaking noise. Another mechanic looked at it at a different shop and he suggested it is a faulty T-Rod on the driver side and he replaced it. After that the car did not squeak again but a new symptom has arisen. I can now hear a pulsing noise as if something is loose every time I go over a dip, hump, or uneven road conditions. It sounds like it is coming from both front tires. Nothing is being telepathed to the steering wheel.


It’s always tough to describe noises, but I can’t figure what you mean by “pulsing” noise. Regardless, and this won’t be real helpful, I think you should take the vehicle back to the guy that replaced the tie rod.


Best word for ‘pulsing’ is rattle sound.


I’m not being very helpful here, but remove the wheel covers and drive without them and see if the noise is still there. Check the lug nuts to be sure they’re not loose. Just so as not to miss something obvious and danderous.


I’d check the sway-bar.

That’s my very quick two-cents.


Thanks - it was the sway-bar. It also needed a new ball bearing on the right front side.