Tire Noisy FORD ESCAPE 2007 Limited

Starting from new, I hear that this car have more noisy compare with other. I think, this is a usual for Ford Escape.

After use some months, the noisy is more.

Now 1 year already, I’m very upset of this noisy. Just a simple thinking to add some absorbtion insulation to reduce noise, but after I check to my friend and the dealer that will not the solution.

Looking for other information in the dealer and some technical person and also in this web sit “cars.com

That my conclusion the FORD ESCAPE 2007 - 2008 product in Phillipine have a malfunction in tire, tire support or suspension.

That is make all the product have a same problem.

Have the tyres checked by a tyre shop. It is possible that an alignment problem is causing the noise and a wear pattern on the tyre(s) that is causing extra noise.

You might want to look up the reviews of your tires on the Tire Rack website to see if other people are having the same problem. If so, maybe it would be worth it to change to quieter tires. Perhaps you could get a few bucks for the current tires on Craigslist if the tread is still decent.

Does Craig’s List have listings for the Philippines where the OP lives?


The product is from Phillipine, I’m live in Indonesia
Now all the tire is not smooth round, so the noisy become more.
Tyre brand is "Bridgtone"
The Ford dealer said the car should be realignment for every 6 months, may this only excuse.
But the tyre warranty still valid until 30,000 km and my car is 28,000 km, and now the dealer wannt to get the waranty from tyre brand.
I hope this will success.

Thank you for your information about website “tyrerack.com”.
This website is good for tyre information

Hi thankyou, for any information I got here.
I found good response from dealer and I got warranty from BRIDGTONE TYRE
They change 4 nos tyre, and realignment and balancing.