Mysterious Popping Ford Escape

My fiance recently got into a little fenderbender. It wasn’t a very high speed crash, probably 10-20mph and she was hit on the drivers side door. The door was crushed in, but thankfully she was ok. We took the car to the shop, and they fixed the door and we got it back. The car is a 2010 Ford Escape I believe.

I’m noticing now though a couple of new noises, both of which I think are coming from the front end. First is a “sha sha sha sha sha” sort of rubbing noise. I don’t think you can really feel this on the driver’s side but you can feel a little rub consistent with the sound below your feet on the passenger’s side.

The second noise I noticed when we were driving over grass. We were going maybe 3-5mph over grass the other day and it sounded like we were driving over bubble wrap. Again I think the popping noises were coming from the front but I can’t be 100% sure about that.

Anyways, my questions: 1) Is it safe? 2) What might it be? 3) How urgently do we need to get this fixed?

Thanks for your help.

  1. Impossible to know from a distance
  2. Impossible to know from a distance
  3. Impossible to know from a distance

You need to have the vehicle put up on a lift, and have the suspension & steering components inspected for damage. Yes, this is a potential safety hazard, but only if you don’t get it checked (and repaired) immediately, if damage is found.

This could be something as benign as a plastic fender liner rubbing on a tire, or it could be something much more ominous. Get it checked, a.s.a.p.