Ford Diesel

I have owned more Ford trucks(gas)than other brands. I am considering buying an older(2003-2007)Ford diesel. My mechanics all drive Dodge Cummins and recommend them. They say the Duramax is bad on injectors and the Powerstroke is just junk. I have heard many negative comments about the Ford 6.0 from 2003-2007 models. It seems there were many problems with cooling, oil coolers, EGR, etc. As many Fords as are on the road, surely they can’t all be bad. I am wondering if the 2003-early 2005 are the bad ones and perhaps the problems had been solved by the later 2005-2007 models. Also I would expect all these model years to have over 100,000 miles by now. If they have functioned that long could they still have these same problems. I still like/prefer the Ford, but I don’t want to buy something that will just be a money pit. Please share your opinion to help me reach a conclusion. Thank you.

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well, you can certainly skew the equation if you spend more money. buy a 07 truck with 40k miles or one with 230k miles. depends what your budget is. a low miles rig will probably have fewer issues. would you like to pay more upfront and have no issues? or buy a high mile cheap rig and have constant issues?

There are a few mods that can be done to the powerstroke to make it more reliable once they are done the engines seem to be very reliable.