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Ford courier heater blower

German Ford Courier 2001 history

In late November2008 my truck lost all the heater fan and blinker function. The fuses were not popped,. My friend felt a relay was too hot replaced it and it worked, that was December 2008. The green relay was replaced with a used relay from another similar model vehicle. It lasted 6 weeks.

Early January it popped again, Ford man said refrigeration unit compressor was dirty and hanging up causing overload. Used relay was okay.

In mid January 2009 heat blower and blinkers function lost again. We went to Ford dealer. . new relay and voltage reading in and around the relay in the normal range, it should be OK.

The end of February 2009 the heater blower and blinkers are out again.

Perhaps the socket that the relay plugs into has a loose contact?

It is difficult to say without actually checking the relays and the current draw. It is also possible that there is an interment short somewhere or some combination of things.

I don’t have a circuit diagram. It would be interesting to know where exactly the blinker circuit and the blower fan circuit combine. They would usually seem to be an unlikely pair.