2001 Ford courier/fiesta elctrical problems

I’ve been to the dealer 4 times for one relay disabling my heater blower motor. they say it is a switch which they can’t replace any more. Ive jiggled battery cables ignition cables and turned the wheelsharply right and left and at various times these seemed to get my little truck to cank and start. I drive 10-15 miles to workaand when I come out togo home it doesn’t crank and I have to try these methods for 30 minutes to an hour to get it to crank. help me please???/

Let’s see, you’ve mentioned a Courier, a Fiesta, and a Festiva.

Which problem belongs to which vehicle?

Have you tried cleaning and tightening the battery cable connections (both ends), rather than just jiggling the wires? I’m assuming the starting problem is with the Courier.

I don’t think I’d take a Fiesta or a Festiva to a Ford dealer. Any independent mechanic should be able to take care of these vehicles (well, maybe not the Fiesta, which has a carburetor). I’m betting you have a Festiva, and not a Fiesta.