Ford Contour rotors

I live in southwestern PA where there are lots of hills. Putting the car in second gear does not work because it slows the speed to 35 mph. This is not acceptable with an 18 wheeler in your trunk! So, I brake a lot. This will be the fourth time I have had to replace rotors (or have them turned) on my 1998 Ford Contour in the last five years. The repair shop has been unable to find any rotors made from United States Steel, all his suppliers sell the ‘made in China junk’. I found some from Pilenga at Brakeworld. Does anyone know anything about this company? Or, does anyone know of a US company using United States manufactured steel?

Why are you replacing or turning rotors when you should be replacing the PADS?

You’d be lucky to get one rotor turn before throwing them away as they are made too thin today.

Perhaps check out another brake shop. NOT a chain store though.

EVERY time a costomer rolls in our Ford dealer shop and prefaces with " I just replaced my brakes last week and now…" the solution is always to return to O.E. parts, problem solved.

We put many an Autozone and O’Reilley’s part on without troubles but you can alway bank on one thing; if, IF theres an issue with those then we return to o.e.

Now the BUT.

But on your 98, O.E. exists no longer. At the dealer level they’re now replaced only by the Motorcraft line…( made in china )
We’ve had no problems with these, I’d recommend the Motorcraft # BRR-58 $67.00 front rotors.

Otherwise, not knowing the country of origin, try what I consider a name brand aftermarket, Raybestos.

The pad composition can also account for the rotor wear. Get a top line ceramic pad too.

thanks. I plan to replace both the rotors and pads. Pilenga has a ‘top of the line’ ceramic pad as well as rotors for the Ford Contour. Rotors are supposedly NOT made from Asian steel.