98 contour bought in desperation

I bought a 98 contour off of a friend for 200 dollars. It ran okay for a few months then started idling rough. I replaced a vacuum line with a hole in it, and the idle is fine, but it stalls at stop lights and STILL reads out as “system too lean” on the computer. I am lost. For the record I have also replaced the Fuel Pressure regulator.

It also has a nasty habit of pulling to the right when I stop, and a mild wobble in the front end…I have had the ball joints, rotors, brakes, tie rod ends, and control arm bushings replaced. I am so lost on this car, but must keep it running. Oh, also it is the cheapest E series, with a 2.0 engine.

I’d go through all the vacuum lines and fittings, and try to get a diagram to see if they’re all hooked up correctly.

You have a couple of different problems. I think a ford dealer would be the best bet, had the same code and it ended up being plenum o rings, different model ford, but after fruitless attempts at diagnosis the dealer figured out the problem and fixed it, $599 or so. You need to find an alignment specialist for problem 2

A vacuum leak can exist almost anywhere. The best way of knowing for sure is to connect a vacuum gauge to an intake manifold nipple and see what the gauge says. If there’s a leak then start pinching off hoses one at a time until the leak disappears. That will at least point you in the right direction if there is a leak.

Agreed that the car needs an alignment check when substantial front end repairs are done. The pulling could also be caused by a grabbing brake.

In addition to @ok4450’s comments on the front end issues, I’d also at least have the struts inspected. If worn, you may be getting vibrations from there. You could also have a strut mount that is worn and binding, leading to memory steer issues, which I’ve seen come back as a “pulling” sensation. Not necessarily a severe pull, or even one I noticed driving along the heavily crowned roads, but one I noticed more during braking.